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The Patchwork Society is an organization created by a foster care alumni who saw a need to more efficient preparation for young adults.  The primary objective of our personal development program is to promote self sufficiency and facilitate the establishment of purposeful helping relationships through our family development program. The Patchwork Society is committed to bridging the gaps in community resources and the success of the people we serve, so we provide services for individuals, families and professionals.

This organization strives to establish a foundation that will nurture and inspire growth among youth.The Patchwork Society differs from other organizations because travel to your community to deliver our experiences, resources and services  to decrease barriers and increase success. Our partnerships with local agencies and organizations provides us with the opportunity to create customized seminars based on the needs of our audience. Services include employment coaching, financial coaching, life skills, and education navigation workshops. 

The Patchwork Society is a leader in quality education curriculum, professional development, and transitional living services. We assist everyone who involved or interested in being involved in the lives of our participants in order to maximize on the full potential of these young adults, in any capacity that we can help. 


Our mission is to bridge the disparity gap between transitional youth and their community through service coordination mentorship, outreach and awareness.

The purpose of The Patchwork Society is to provide youth in transition with tools to remove barriers that hinder them from success.


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