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Felisha Burleson M.A.

Felisha Burleson is a foster care alumni and despite obstacles she encountered, Felisha received her Bachelor’s degree in 2013 and obtained a Master’s Degree December 2015. Both degrees are in the field of Sociology at Texas Woman’s University.  Credentials include Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) and Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE).

Felisha works side by side with agencies and professionals to understand the challenges faced by their target population. Once the challenges are understood, Felisha works to implement programming to be as efficient as possible with as little stress on behalf of the organization.  She has been responsible for facilitating supported housing and employment skills training groups as well as be a member of the recovery team for people with behavioral and mental health diagnoses. From the various positions held, she has experience with working with marginalized populations including but not limited to at risk youth and their families, homeless, veteran, chemically dependent and foster care populations.


As a practitioner for social services agencies, Felisha understands some of the struggles that can be experienced when working with difficult populations. She is aware of the stress, secondary trauma, and burnout associated with these critically necessary positions. She has utilized these to provide a professional  centered continuing education courses. Felisha understands that it is necessary to continue to develop and thrive professionally, it is also a requirement  for meny credentialing bodies and employers . Why not have a good time with continuing education?

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